Will My Holiday Be Different?

The mountains will still be beautiful, and the feeling of whooshing down the slopes will still be exhilarating.

However, there will be a number of things that will feel quite different this year, as each country and resort implements their social distancing measures.

Masks & face-coverings

As is the case here in the UK, expect face-coverings to be ubiquitous on your holiday. Thankfully, most skiers wear a face-covering to keep warm already.

Each country has slightly different rules, but expect to have to wear masks in the following places:

– Shops

– Bars and restaurants when not eating or drinking

– Cable cars & gondolas

– Ski lift queues

– Ski school meeting points

Tip: buy a neck-warmer or balaclava that can be used as a mask. This will keep you warm whilst skiing and keep faff down to a minimum.

Restaurants & eating out

Depending on where you go on holiday, it is likely that there will be some measures in place that impact the dining out experience, both on and off the mountain.

There may be capacity limits in restaurants, so if you know where you would like to eat, it is worth booking a table in advance.

Some destinations may have curfews in place, which means that you may need to finish your meal by a certain time. Again, pre-booking restaurants is recommended.


Apres will feel very different this year, with the Austrian government going as far as saying “there will be no apres-ski as we know it."

In practice, this means that ski-boot clad table-top dancing and big sing-a-longs will be replaced by having a quiet and cosy drink.

In most destinations, bars will be permitted to provide table-service only. There may also be curfews in place that restrict the opening hours of bars, which for some might make getting first lifts a realistic prospect.

Regardless, the subdued apres-ski will make ski holidays feel like a quieter back-to-its-roots holiday, which for many people will be a welcome change.

Ski lifts & the resorts

To ensure the safety of their visitors, resorts will be implementing social distancing measures. Examples of this are:

– Reduced capacity on lifts such as cable cars to allow more space per person.

– Clearly marked social distancing in lift queues.

– Regular cleaning and disinfecting of lifts.

– Some resorts will only allow pre-booked ski passes in order to reduce queuing. We are able to pre-book lift passes for our customers.